Millions of Americans are drinking water that contains deadly toxic chemicals

Millions of Americans are drinking water that contains deadly toxic chemicals

Over 6 million individuals in the US are drinking water containing unsafe amounts of toxic chemicals that can lead to cancer, obesity and other conditions, based on the latest research done by Harvard University experts.

The chemicals polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl, also known as PFASs, are widely-used in a huge range of consumer products, from leather to food packaging and from non-stick pan coating to fire-fighting foam.

Long-term exposure to these kind of chemicals is believed to result in a greater chance of kidney cancer, high cholesterol and thyroid complications. Researchers from Harvard’s public health and engineering and applied sciences schools discovered amounts of PFASs beyond what exactly is considered “safe” by the US government in numerous sources of public drinking water across 33 states.

The experts analyzed amounts of PFASs from over 36,000 drinking water samples picked up between 2013 and 2015. Of the 4,864 water sources researched, 66 found at least one sample having greater than 70 parts per trillion of 2 types of PFASs – the safety restriction set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Those 66 water sources provide water to some 6 million individuals overall.

The US government is not going to regulate PFASs, however they actually do appear only on an EPA directory of “unregulated contaminants” where the agency makes sure to preserve safe levels.

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