EPA Renovator Refresher Training Course Overview

EPA Renovator Refresher Training Course Overview

EPA Renovator Refresher Training Course Overview

On February 10, 2016, administration finalized a definitive rule to make various revisions to the RRP as well as Lead-based Paint Activities Programs. The alterations will develop the everyday functionality of the programs by lowering burdens to the industry and EPA, as well as determining language for training providers.

Hands-on and Online EPA Renovator Refresher Training Course

Initially, EPA improved the requirement that the renovator refresher training course include a hands-on component under the RRP training program. Under the final rule, Renovators are able to take a refresher course without the hands-on training each every other time they get certified. A course without hands-on training is taken entirely online. Renovators who take the online refresher training course are going to be certified for 3 years; renovators who take the hands-on training are going to be certified for 5 years. Adjusting the hands-on requirement would provide renovators better access to training saving them money and time, and possibly leading to an increased number of renovators having the refresher course.

Secondly, the Agency eradicated jurisdictions under the abatement program. Getting rid of jurisdictions would certainly lower load and costs for people who apply. Last, EPA included a clarifying language to the requirements for training providers under both equally the RRP as well as abatement programs. Adding language to make clear of what constitutes a violation would certainly make the regulations consistent with other lead-based paint program regulations. This does not change any requirements for training providers.

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